Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator

In the game Funny Battle Simulator, you will be in command of an enormous army. Fight and prevail in battle by taking leadership of troops and archers. Send Cyclops and Spartans into battle, and then leave the rest of the conflict in the hands of your troops. Keep an eye on your grenades as they fire them towards the opposing team. Take command of the powerful Zeus and unleash lightning. Put an end to every opponent. Demonstrate the tactical prowess you possess. Demonstrate that you are the most capable general in the entire universe! This is a game that can accommodate the brilliant strategies you have.

How to play

Left Mouse Button - Create Unit

Right Mouse Button + CTRL - Delete Unit

WASD - standard movement

WASD + Right Mouse Button (Hold) - Alternative Move

Shift - speed up the movement

Q / E - Rotate the camera

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