Welcome to Escape game! Everyone has a fear of something, whether it be spiders, heights, or ghosts. Some people run away from spiders, while others are terrified of them. The unknown makes our hero anxious. He is terrified of new and mysterious things. He once awoke in an unfamiliar room. The hero has no memory of how he got here, but a dreadful feeling drives him to leave. And you must assist him. You must overcome a number of challenges and work out puzzles in order to reach the dungeon's exit. You must act quickly in this instance because the murderer is nearby.

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How to play

Players will have to think about mysticism and secrets throughout every minute of the game. Our protagonist awakens in the basement, which is how the story unfolds. The recollections then stop while he was strolling along a dark alleyway home earlier. Who would put the character in the basement with good intentions when he is filled with negative energy? Need to leave. The hostage must swiftly escape a pitch-black, scary cellar, and the player must assist. You want to get out of here as quickly as possible since the environment is so irritating. I hope you'll be able to accomplish it!

 And you don't have a lot of time to complete it. Keep in mind that time is running out and you are in danger. Every minute must be counted. You have to finish a variety of tasks during this period to get to the exit, which is the main objective. Will the protagonist be able to survive? The player's ability to manage his actions will determine everything. A computer mouse is required to play the game. You just need to pay close attention and consider each decision you make since there are cues all around you. You will undoubtedly figure out what to do and be able to put this terrifying experience behind you if you stay calm and focused.

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