Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense

Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense

Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense

Use specific strategy to defend your base in Empire Rush Rome Wars Tower Defense. Follow the game's instructions and hire many soldiers to defend your base against waves of zombies. Defend the people and use super attacks when needed. Good luck to you!

How to play

Hire a soldier form the header bar by clicking/touching the icon and remember that it will cost gold

Players can do it only when the icon is light

You can earn golds by defeating enemies or just waiting

Next to the gold section, you will see the population area, it will show the maximum of the population and the number you already have. The population grows up gradually during the game

The green and purple bars are 2 progress bars. Your mission is to keep your base not to be destroyed by the zombies. Try to put as many units as you can to the enemy base. When the purple bar drains, you win.

Rage accumulates automatically during the game. This power can be used to call SUPER ATTACK that will help you a lot in winning, try to collect enough

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