Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online

Dinogen Online is a quick-moving 2D top-down multiplayer shooter featuring a wide selection of weaponry, game types, and maps. Objective-based game types let you play as a human or a dinosaur. Earning XP in the game allows you to unlock additional dinosaurs, items, gear, and more!

Join the never-ending swarm of adversaries, including militia forces, dinosaurs, helicopters, and more, by engaging in one of the various survival scenarios.

How to play

  • Move with WASD
  • Shift equals sprint
  • E = interaction; R = reload; Crouch = control
  • Space = usage of melee
  • G= throw grenade
  • F = use of devices
  • Z = employ supporting materials
  • X = select the following supporting item.
  • Q = weapon switch 
  • 1-3 = equals inventory 1-3
  • C = open command menu
  • Tab = see scoreboard
  • Enter to launch the game's chat.

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