Deep Space Horror: Outpost

Deep Space Horror: Outpost

Deep Space Horror: Outpost

A space station has been abandoned in the horror game Deep Space Horror: Outpost. You traveled there in search of power cells to replace the ones in your spacecraft.

You'll never be able to return home without those cells. However, approaching this space station is a dangerous decision. The outdated security robots are still operational and are likely to identify you as an intruder and attack you. Look for the power cells as you cautiously navigate the rooms and passageways.

How to play

  • WASD keys are used to move.
  • Jump wide.
  • Run with the shift
  • To crouch, press CTRL.
  • Use your mouse to aim and fire
  • G for grenades
  • R to reload; F to pick up objects
  • V for melee
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