Covid-19 Escape Puzzle

Covid-19 Escape Puzzle

COVID-19: Escape Puzzle will provide you with more details on this harmful infection. The corona virus has been a hot topic of conversation ever since it first came to light and has even made an appearance in online games. We've already run into quests where you have to purchase a safety mask. COVID-19: Escape Puzzle, on the other hand, raises the bar. The player must now physically assist in eradicating illness from the streets of China.

The virus in the game began acting subtly, just like in real life, before starting to surprisingly quickly expand its reach, leaving people insufficient time to get their heads around this truth. People are now sitting inside their homes amid the once-bustling cities' once-bustling streets in a vain attempt to stave off the sickness, but it is still leaking through walls and doors. Markets and stores are closing, goods are disappearing from the shelves, and the entire world is in danger of collapsing as a result of the lack of workers in offices and factories. In COVID-19: Escape Puzzle, you will have to battle the unexpected danger in this setting.


How to play

The first step is choosing a site. Either a market or a research facility are viable starting points. Will there be anything you can do about it? Maybe you'll even find a vaccination to protect against the infection! Collect items, discover hints, and solve puzzles. I hope you'll be able to stay healthy!

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