Backrooms: Find the Keys

Backrooms: Find the Keys

Backrooms: Find the Keys

In Backrooms: Find the Keys, you will find yourself in one of the scariest and saddest spaces of Backrooms series. Here, explorers must navigate lifeless hallways with yellow walls and the monotonous rattle of old office lights. This place is miserable and hopeless. . The lord of the evil trap devours human souls, turning them into terrifying ghosts that lose their minds and go crazy.

Your mission is to find the keys mentioned in the game's title. Next is to find a way out of the maze and avoid the monster's pursuit in the dark. The search becomes more and more difficult as you need to avoid monsters, and even the smallest noises put you in danger. Finding the key and escaping the dark room is the top priority.

How to play

  • Mouse - overview
  • W,A,S,D/Arrow keys - move
  • Left mouse click - synergy
  • E - flashlight
  • Shift - run
  • Esc - pause
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